Saturday, 30 January 2016

Pimp My Shed!

For a number of years now I've been working from the loft in our modest terraced abode. By and large this worked okay apart from the fact that the only access was up a ramsay ladder which is not for the faint hearted when carrying a box of glass in one hand and trying to hold on with the other. Something had to give and I really, really hoped it wasn't my legs...

After a bit of gentle persuasion (you know the kind) it was agreed that the bottom of the garden was just ripe for development and we spent the best part of summer 2015 building a new Elle & Pea studio. My dreams of a 3 second commute to a purpose built, all singing, all dancing, tidy, accessible place of work danced around my head. All those creative hours spent in the cosy warmth of my very own space (I'm a bit of a romantic).

As with all good builds big or small there were a few hiccups.

It rained. A lot. There were bits missing. It rained. A lot. We argued. We painted. And painted. And painted. Did I mention the rain?

Eventually though it was done! Ta da!

It went from this:

To this:

:To this

My first winter has not been without incident however. It's amazing how easy it is to judge how watertight your roof is when you live in Scotland. Have I ever mentioned the rain? You live and learn and I now know not to leave my important printed photographs right in the middle of my desk during a downpour. I also know a handy tip for adhering bubble wrap to your windows with water to stop them freezing on the inside...

Life in the She Shed is settling in to a nice routine and I'm very, very, very much looking forward to my first Spring/Summer of creativity in my very own space. No Boys Allowed!!

Even Santa knew how excited I am!!


  1. I love your she shed, the idea of a 3 second commute is great... (even quicker when it's raining) :)

  2. It looks wonderful. Here's to the summer!