Saturday, 6 October 2012

Trunk Call!

A chance remark to my brother today reminded me of an amazing artist I came across recently.

However, first things first. The conversation concerned the fact that my brother doesn't own a pair of trunks and I very kindly offered to knit him a pair.

Coming from an era where practically everything we owned was re-knitted from an old ripped down jumper or made up of leftover ends from balls of usually nylon and for some obscure reason neon orange wool to make up THE most hideous colour combinations ever known to man (a poncho c1968 springs to mind) along with a family of Dundonian Aunties who could knit Aran from memory whilst sitting in the pictures in the dark, I really didn't think the concept was all that strange....

I got quite into the idea, thinking of ways I could line them, maybe with some kind of neoprene to keep the heat in and the wet out and minimise the drag factor of the water thereby ensuring modesty at all times, or even knit them from strips of plastic bag giving them a recycled element. Colour combinations, stitch mixing, cable, stripes, bobbles.....the possibilities were endless!

I'm a very experienced knitter and I thought, given the fact that I'm an extremely busy woman and this could be a time consuming project, he would jump at the chance - but no. I don't think even my alternative offer of crochet as a faster solution would have swayed him. All my hopes and dreams were dashed and I've had to resurrect my cushion cover project instead....

Anyway, back to the artist in hand, that being the amazing Shauna Richardson who has taken the concept of a wool based life to another level completely.

Having mastered the rare art of Crochetdermy, she hand crochets these amazing sculptures from wool and has created the largest crochet sculpture in the world - Lionheart Project - which I would give my last crochet hook to see!

I can't help wondering if she simply misunderstood her brother when he said he wanted trunks?


  1. I went to see the Lionheart project on the last day it was there - it was AMAZING. So cool to see the stitches all scaled up to such a monumental size.

  2. Lucky thing! I'd love to see it but it's not coming this way yet.