Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Wow! It's November already!

Think I'm suffering from that age thing that apparently happens to the ageing...the years are flying in.

If I follow that statement by saying "I'm nearly 80 you know..."
please feel free to slap me. The fact that I might feel like I'm 80 some days is neither here nor there!

But I digress - in an attempt to lure you away from my real age.....

Here at Elle & Pea we have been run off our little size 4s! We've had Craft Fairs, we've booked Craft Fairs, we've had exhibitions, we've had invitations to exhibitions and we've wangled our way into new galleries!

And, if I thought October was busy....michty me....November will be just a blur!

So, in an attempt to get it all done I will leave you with a small sample of what's going on in Elle & Pea land and with a promise to put up nice photos of all the Christmassy stuff I've been involved with once it's all happened...........

My little Apprentice Gracie has turned into a postcard (the amazing changing dog trick....)

The beautiful Cove Harbour in East Lothian has turned into a piece of wall art.......

And some bits of boring old aluminium have been transformed into amazing cuffs to adorn the wrist of someone you love (or someone you think needs to wear advice on a daily basis....we all know one)

All this and more can be found in various locations around Scotland but it's probably easier to check out the website first - Elle & Pea

Cheers Chaps

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